Eric Ko is an independent animator, filmmaker, and artist.

Fashion Institute of Technology 2009 - 2011
Rhode Island School of Design 2011 - 2013
BFA Film Animation Video

2018 Screenings:
Istanbul Experimental Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
"Five More Seconds" Group Screening, Local Project Art Space, Queens, NY
Haverhill Film Festival; Haverhill, MA
Unseen Festival; Denver, CO
Laterale Festival; Cosenza, Italy
Northwest Animation Festival; Portland, OR
Boston Underground Film Festival; Boston, MA
Black Maria Film Festival; Jersey City, NJ

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an erosion of the remains of a ruin, its floodwaters evaporating into a passing weather pattern.
"I have no other proof besides a dull ache before a summer rain"

animation, sound, edit: eric ko
jul 2018 | 4m36s


CLEARING is a rearrangement of pigmented dust, water, paper, and magnetized iron oxide into a spectral image and sound as a process of an emptying to create passage for renewal.

animation, sound, edit: eric ko
apr 2018 | 3m04s

Uio Loi - Prist (Official Video)

film, animation, video, edit: eric ko
music: kyle yerhot

jan 2018 | 4m19s

separation as an aside of life and love; a visual poem on stasis.
"A fish in a bottle. Distances, nostalgia, silent love notes. The boundary that join several points also define a separation. Two people searching each other, in melancholy. The soft and round-shaped stroke of the animation work, gives outlines and borders a bodily substance. A story about annulment of distances. The desire of returning back to each other, of being inseparable." - Laterale Film Festival 2018

animation, sound, music, edit: eric ko
mar 2016 - oct 2017 | 8m29s

full film available upon request

memories cast into the earth and water

animation: eric ko
music: alex cook

mar 2016 | 1m49s

bicyclist becomes driver only to encounter himself

animation, sound, edit: eric ko
aug 2015 | 4m00s